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  • Adjust pitch to change maximum engine RPM

  • Adjust pitch to attain various flight parameters.

  • Adjust pitch to set engine "break-in" RPM.

  • Adjust pitch to use the same propeller on different engines and airplanes.

  • Switch propeller blades if different diameter is required.

  • Eliminates the need to purchase numerous propellers when testing for optimum performance

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Solo Prop systems are designed for engines that range from 1 cu in (16cc) to 8cu in (140cc) and radial engines up to 250cc only! Visit our Estimate page to see our detailed charts and submit your needs. We will get you an estimate within 24-48 hours. 

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Manufacturer of Ground Adjustable Props & Accessories for Scale Model Aircraft!

Solo Propellers offer quiet, high performance operation and demonstrate quality workmanship with an exceptional deep gloss finish. scale propellers

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